About Us:
Established in 1984
It's one of specialized  Egyptian petrochemical companies  in the middle east which is providing basically   lubricants ,petrochemicals  and chemicals  . moreover of these services , it's  providing  the   major needs of the Egyptian market  ,we also export to  (CHINA-KENIA-LYBIA-TAIWAN) it  gives them  extra services to the mineral and the synthetic lubricating oils and co-operates  with Exxonmobil lubricants company to import and produce  the lubricating  oils  for motor cars ,so it produces  the mineral oils  ( RAK S - RAK D ) , in addition to our (Super long life) radiator coolant ( super alco coolant ),brake fluid (bookheed ). THE company co-operates with the biggest Egyptian petroleum   companies  as (Co-op& Miser Petroleum) . we are proud that our company  has  become one of the most important companies sharing in (FORMULA ALAHRAM) exhibition .

In order to cope with the latest in the petroleum filed, New Atlas company kens about attending the international conferences and fairs. For example, the chairman attended the American SWEPCO international conference of lubricating oils which was held in U.S.A for 4 weeks and got the certificate of achievement from the organized firm, the chairman directs the company staff to apply the recommendations which were decided by those specialized authorities. Also the follows up attending the annual international canton exhibition which is organized and held in China. Furthermore, the firm pays attention to petrochemicals filed New Atlas also looks forward to increase its exports outside of Egypt to open new markets in different places all over the world.

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